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Perot could do anything ? except change old GM

Ross Perot was a heroic figure around the world, and GM's 1984 purchase of Electronic Data Systems was part of his legacy, although not his most successful moment. 

Good business is child's play for dealership

Frank Boucher Imports of Racine, Wis., has an outdoor playground on the property to entertain children as their parents shop for vehicles or get their cars serviced. The playground has boosted service business and overall customer satisfaction.

Redesigned RDX crossover helps build excitement for Acura

Following the NSX supercar's redo, Acura's next act was perhaps more complicated: Infuse that NSX essence into a mainstream vehicle that would make buyers and dealers excited about the brand again.

UAW scrambles to save jobs, but layoffs loom

After getting big job-creation commitments in recent contracts, the union is scrambling to keep the members it has now as automakers brace for a possible recession.

Trump hails recent Japanese auto investments in the U.S.

Although the president has labeled Japan's automakers a looming national security threat, he is now hailing them for their sizable spending on "magnificent plants" across the U.S.