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Toyota moves Lexus LS to a higher level of automation

The Japanese automaker is readying its most advanced automated driving system yet for the refreshed Lexus LS later this year, as it chases rivals with automated passing function for highway driving.

Minivan competition intensifies as segment keeps shrinking

Conquest opportunities may be slim, but the few brands still selling minivans are working to stand out with bolder styling, hybrid engines and all-wheel-drive capability.

First half scoreboard for 2020 U.S. sales

U.S. auto sales rebounded in May and June, but not enough to overcome abysmal results in March and April. Here’s how the first 6 months of 2020 compare with last year.

Glimmer of sales hope for luxury brands?

Luxury brand sales show signs of recovery from a pandemic-driven slump in the spring.

Consumer credit roiled by COVID-19

The pandemic has made it more difficult for lenders to determine credit-worthiness and harder for subprime borrowers to buy cars.