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At Delphi, tech chief's retirement is opportunity to try a new tack

Delphi Technologies' won’t pick a successor to Mary Gustanski following her retirement last month.

Jeep's Japan results show Detroit it's not impossible

The brand's success story in Japan offers proof of its global appeal and a convincing counternarrative to the adage that Detroit can't sell cars in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Subscriber options are on the rise at Clutch

What began as a premium-brand subscription service — Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW — provided by Cox Automotive-owned Clutch Technologies has expanded to the mass market.

Popular GMC subbrands Denali, AT4 attract more diverse customers

The hugely successful Denali line and an expanded collection of AT4 off-roaders are poised to soon make up about half of GMC's sales, and the brand could add a family of Hummer electric trucks.

Raised pickups help boost Mich. VW store

LaFontaine Volkswagen of Dearborn's used-vehicle collection includes an assortment of lifted pickups to draw customers to the store and generate new sales.