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USMCA: Hold your nose and get it done

The auto industry shouldn't discount the risk that President Trump will pull the plug on NAFTA.

Startup helps cities manage space

Populus, a San Francisco-based startup, is helping cities manage space for the growing influx of scooters sharing streets and sidewalks.

Porsche stores to the max

Just opened in Southern California this month, Porsche Palm Springs is the first store out of the chute for Destination Porsche, the new design plan for the brand's stores worldwide.

Who's crying now? The sorry Toyota thief

Toyota this month filed for a patent on a fragrance dispenser that doubles as a theft deterrent, using tear gas when triggered.

Lotus positions itself for life after Brexit

It's a busy time at Lotus Cars. Its CEO isn't letting the up-in-the-air status of Brexit get in the way.