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Staff training, vendor rules can help prevent breaches

Experts offer these tips to help dealerships prevent — or cope with — a cyber data breach or attack through the F&I office.

Lenders brace for privacy laws

Auto lenders are preparing for scrutiny — prompted by a spate of data breaches and pending laws — about how consumers' personal data is used and secured.

Manufacturing materials count in vehicles' impact on planet

It's good for the auto industry, good for consumers and good for our planet to see increasing awareness throughout the automotive supply chain, where a true accounting of vehicles' impact on the environment includes the total life cycle, including materials.

Mercedes slots a B between GLA and GLC

The new GLB is a three-row family-aimed compact crossover that Mercedes hopes will help the brand hang onto the young buyers it attracted with the affordable GLA.

FCA may face $1.5 billion tax bill related to Italy exit

As part of the transaction that changed the company's official address when it moved its official home to the Netherlands, according to the Italian tax authorities, FCA underestimated the value of Chrysler.